Movies and Cowards

2:12 AM

I cover my eyes and my ears, avoiding the shock and terror. And then I ask my buddy, "what happened? Is she dead already?" Then comes that creepy sound again, so does this routine. Why did I even choose this movie?

8 out of 10 chances, I pick out a horror movie over other genre and end up having mini-heart attacks and sleepless nights. It's stupid, yes but I can't help it! And I know you can't, too.

So, I was at the mall with a friend today. There weren't much to do so we decided to see a movie after having dinner. And yours truly, courageous as I think I am chose 'The Possession' instead of other light-themed films. As usual, the movie had me thinking until now - specially when it says that it's Based On A True Story which by the way really creeps me out, always! There was this film my sister and I watched ages ago, I was 13 or so that time and there was this killer who locked up several people inside his house then slays them one at a time with his chainsaw. That movie gave me chills and I had trouble sleeping, only to find out that it was based on a story too which made my sleeping a lot harder. I crossed out Mexico specially Texas off my travel list since then.

The movie wasn't bad at all, although I expected a bit scarier plot, it still had me covering both my eyes and ears. As of the moment, I'm not having any stupid reactions to this movie and shaking all the negative thoughts off since it's 2:00 AM now and I'm all alone in my room.

Crap! What was that???

So I suggest if you're someone quite like me, better choose the light-themed movie instead of insomnia and paranoia. Just a friendly advice though.

Till my next entry!

Charlie Tango :-)

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