Sooners than Laters

11:56 PM

"Hey, do your..."
"Have you..."
"Were you able to..." 

Now don't you look at me like that, we're all guilty of this, right? Agreeing to later than now - Or can it?

It's been hell of a busy week for my colleagues and I since we're just down to a few days before our thesis defense - final completion of the systems we're developing and polishing of the documents in time for Sunday's Judgment Day. And it is quite funny and ironic how large our time frame was to complete all the requirements, if I'm not mistaken almost a year, yet we're all resorting to last minute procrastination.

I'm not sure if it's the psychologists or, you know anyone from the field of Science (I can't find the source) who said that procrastination increases a person's intelligence since the brain is catching up and is working harder to meet the requirements needed in a span of time, thus letting creative juices flow even more. This has been very evident not only to myself but also to a lot of people I know.

I've been practicing this since high school although I'm not really proud of this attitude, I always make it out alive - with better results than what I would expect if I have done stuff ahead of time.

All things have their own pros and cons and I do know that time is very valuable and that we have to make the most out of it; to get things ahead of time and make room for more productive things to do - but hey, admit it, laziness and all excuses you can think of - food, stress, pressure they all lead to delay.

What's important is that whether you did things ahead of time or compressed all your power to meet your requirements in time is that YOU DID IT, AND YOU DID IT WELL!

We can't judge someone with how they live their life. It's just a matter of managing yourself well and coming up with a result exceeding your expectations. And at the end, the effort and stress' will all pay off. The feeling is almost euphoric, I tell you ;)

Tell my next entry!

Charlie Tango :-)

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