A Memorial

8:36 PM

Have you ever noticed how time flies by so fast?

When playing with toy cars and 'tag' seems as if they all happened yesterday.
And today you find yourself all grown up and aging, day by day.

Have you ever had the chance to say goodbye?
Or up until now, you're still holding on to yesterday's promises?

Oh, I know this sounds so melodramatic and all but hey, Halloween is fast approaching. And by that I mean, memorial of our dead loved ones. It has actually been quite a tradition to visit their graveyards on the first days of November and paying respects and love to our departed ones - and warm as it may seem, a lot of us just see this tradition as some sort of an obligation, or something.

No, you can't blame me for believing in this theory. And I myself, have given up visiting the cemeteries during these days because I will just end up disappointed with the people around. I mean, doesn't graveyards supposed to be solemn and all quiet when we visit? To have some lone time to talk, and remember the good and the bad you shared together. To say thank you, and sorry. To make them feel your love despite their absence in flesh... Unfortunately, cemeteries during these days are filled with fancy stores and booths and food stalls and everyone seems as if they're in a carnival. I would honestly waste my effort in describing how awful that scenario can be. And I'm pretty sure you'll shake your head too, if you were to see it in real action. How I hope the solemnity, of silence and remembrance would once again light up.

Saying goodbye indeed, is hard. To all those memories you shared together, all the laughter and sorrows. All the fun times. All the bad times. Everything.

We shouldn't be sorry that a chapter in our lives ended, we have to be thankful that it happened.

To our dreams, hopes, aspirations. To our failures and mistakes.
To our old toys, and old playmates.
To our first love.
To our departed loved ones.

It is okay to grieve, and remember.

To give yourself a good cry,
and to let go.

This is a memorial to our past.
To yesterday's road we took.
And to a step into a brighter tomorrow.

Till my next entry!

Charlie Tango :-)

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