The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

3:09 PM

The saga created by Stephenie Meyer have brought back the sharp bite of the vampires into the modern world. Introducing a new breed of bloodsuckers who are now capable of emotions of love, affection and sense of family on top of the thirst for the red fluid in our veins.

Last night, 15th of November, Philippines' first day of screening of the world renowned last installation of the Twilight Saga, I, accompanied by a friend of mine witnessed the epic ending of the eternal story of the supernatural beings brought to life from the books into the big screen.

Sponsored by Nuffnang Philippines, Asia's First Blog Advertising Community and Wacoal, my friend and I were able to watch the movie with freebies: vouchers, 2 tickets, photobooth, popcorn, soda and of course a chance to win an iPad mini which made the night more exciting! The event took place in Resort's World Manila's New Port Cinema.

Having only read the two books: New Moon and Eclipse, I was expecting a little more action from the coven's face off with the Volturi. The movie did not disappoint me. I rarely rate movies 'good' but this one is superb! It got me munching my popcorn so fast I was choking because the scenes were just hear-stopping and breath taking! If not for the many viewers inside the movie theater, I would have shouted my lungs out! And the twist was just so unexpected! Good thing my friend didn't spill the beans because she have read the book.

Overall, I give the movie a 4 and a half star or a 9.5 mark out of 10.

I personally would like to thank Nuffnang, Wacoal and my friend Clint who actually won the promo but gave me the tickets instead and to my friend Tey for agreeing to watch it with me. It was an awesome movie and a a great night!

The epic finale of the movie and this experience will do live, forever.

Till my next entry!

Charlie Tango :-)

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