Walk the Walk

10:15 PM

It's been one of my dreams as a child to walk in the busy streets of the Central Business District of the cities in Manila, be amazed by its awesome arrive, and be a part of it, soon.

Oh I got my wish alright - and more!

I was too drunk with what semestrial breaks bring, and having said so, I wasn't functioning well and doing what I have to do within the long period of hibernation (and eating, too). So, my last semester at school came and I was struck dumbfounded of the stuff I have to catch up with. On top of it was my internship.

So, my friends and I didn't waste any time to find for a company that'd accept us as interns. To cut the story short, despite giving out our resumes to I don't know, 10 or more companies we were individually hired by different firms. Luckily, I got accepted in Accenture.

After walking under the heat of the sun, climbing up stairs and meeting different kind of people along the hunt, it would be impossible to not sit around and just breath. What we were doing was actually harder than I imagined it to be!

Greenbelt as usual is still refreshing and relaxing! After having an extreme day at work it would be lovely to just sit and enjoy the view of the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. To appreciate the life you reached and dreams yet to come true. It's a sanctuary in the middle of the busy streets of the city. The sound of rushing water, and the wind against the leaves, it all goes back when life was simple... It gives you that nostalgic feeling when there were no buildings yet, just plain grassland, where cars didn't exist and carabaos were the kings of the road... Oh, that feeling...

And yes, I almost forgot. The Ayala Triangle Garden's (Makati's version of New York's Central Park) light and sound show was just spectacular! Imagine the feeling sitting along the grass, enjoying the Christmas melody and watching all the pretty lights dancing as the music plays along... It's priceless! Plus a good company, what could possibly go wrong? You should watch it yourselves! Bring along your partner, or your family! It will be a great holiday experience, I tell you ;)

So after the intense weeks of looking for an internship program, I am crossing both my fingers that my job would go well and that I would learn a lot from it, and I am hoping for the same with my friends...

Never stop chasing your dreams until you reach it!

Till my next entry!

Charlie Tango :-)

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