Graduation 2013

7:54 PM

It has been a while again since my last post, and the reason behind it is already pretty obvious.
These past few days have become so overwhelming that I didn't even knew it was happening, it was as if I was in a trance, a dream I have dreamed a long time ago.

At last, I am now a graduate. After 15 long years of my academic journey, it has finally come to an end. All the sleepless nights, headaches in memorizing dates for my history subjects, elements for chemistry and formulas for algebra and physics. The endless lines of codes in programming electives, a bucketful of technical terms in network and system electives and the heart-stopping thesis are all part now of a wonderful memory of my days as a student.

And of course, these will not all be possible without the grace and guidance of our Lord whom I am very much grateful. To my parents, mom Raquel and dad Russell who have supported me morally, spiritually, emotionally and of course financially throughout my education, loved me unconditionally, accepted and  understands me for who I am, my gratitude and love for you both is endless. To my teachers, mentors and professors who have not only treated me as a student, but as a friend and as a son - thank you for teaching me not only about what's on the syllabus but also the life's lessons. To my friends from kindergarten to college, Mean Girls: the best girl friends I have, to my colleagues and acquaintances, your mere existence gave a lot of thrill during my course of stay in the school, thank you. To the awesome food in the cafeteria served by the best cooks in the Colegio, I will never forget you (the ham sandwiches and Mang George's chicken). The list could go on and on and on, this post isn't even enough to show how thankful I am for having these people around me, who made my everyday a joyous one and made me feel loved, again thank you.

Lastly to my Alma Maters; Ususan Elementary School (UES), Pateros Catholic School (PCS) and Colegio de San Juan de Letran (CSJL) - thank you for molding me into the person I wanted to be. I will make you proud!

My graduation might have put an end to my academic life as a student, yet it also marked the beginning of my life, now as an equipped and grown-up man ready to take on the challenges of life and work (or am I, really?). All the lessons and learning, experiences and sufferings, joys and pains will all be remembered and be put into good use.

Now, it's time to take this up a notch.

I am now ready for you, world!

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