Of Hearts and Balloons

9:23 PM

I have never had the chance to celebrate a holiday with a partner; but then, it doesn't bother me anyway. Or does it? Lol

It has been a week since the world celebrated Valentine's Day; and for the first time in forever (admit it, you sang that line), I was out enjoying the day!

For most of my young life, I was either at school or at work during Heart's Day and this year, since I vowed that it will be different from all the other years that has passed, I was able to cross out an item off my bucket list - to see hot air balloons fly!

Upon writing on my 2015 journal at the start of the year, I have drafted some places to visit and events to attend to. And it is a common knowledge that Valentine's Day will be the next notable event after New Year's Day.

The thought of attending the hot air balloon festival came at a random instance; I was just browsing some image online to change my iPhone wallpaper to, when a photo of hot air balloons showed up; then I thought - why not see them in real life on the day of hearts? What could be more romantic than that? (Haha, what a petty story! Pardon me, folks).

So, I have invited a few friends for a road trip up north in the open fields of Clark Air Base in Pampanga.

The festival lasted for 4 (four) days which started 12th of February, 2015.
Also, this year the festival celebrates its 19th year of everything that flies!

Luckily, Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday that's why we were able to go to the event, and basically, had fun!

Check out the photos after the jump:

 Maximus, one of the most favorite gigantic beagle dog balloon 
 This pink elephant
 Awesome para-gliders under the morning sun 
 Sun says 'hi'!
 Kids playing drums during a performance
 Mount Arayat in its majestic glory

First photos shot from my phone at the flight of the balloons
Sporting the outfit I bought for the festival, haha! But admit it, the look feels Coachella-ish ;)
I slept most of my stay during the festival 'cause the heat was unbearable.
 When I woke up, I bought water balloons and started blowing some. It was amazing! I felt like I was a child again. Lol!

More of the Coachella-ish shots

 Despite not being able to ride the actual hot air balloon, the Philippine Daily Inquirer got us covered.
The backdrop didn't look like tarpaulin, right? Hah!
Best friends!

Overall, despite not having any sleep or had any awesome activities during the event, I felt happy.

I was very much aware of the fact that, I may not be able to have as many activities as I could; and also, I am not an adventurous guy, so... Haha! My expectations weren't that high so, the overall trip was just chill and happy.

Bottom line is, I was able to have fun and be happy on the day of hearts - even without a partner, I've got a couple of friends and my family! My heart was filled with joy.

Upon arriving home, I've had some flowers delivered for my mom to satisfy my annual tradition of getting her floral arrangements on Valentine's Day.

My hopes are up that the rest of my year will be as awesome and be filled with more photos, travel, and wonderful experiences!

'Till my next entry!
- Nik

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