7:46 AM

I have been a coffee person ever since time immemorial. And I have loved the taste of coffee ever since my taste buds were introduced to it.

Way back in high school when I had very limited resources to buy 'branded' coffee, I needed to save just so I could buy a cup. But now that I'm earning myself, I have vowed to go on a coffee journey and experience what is out there, and how intoxicating that experience is.

I was made to believe that the only good coffee are those from Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to name a few of the foreign brands here in the Philippines; but little did I know that somewhere in the outskirts of Metro Manila lies quaint little coffee shops that serves locally produced and very much delicious coffee.

That idea and my love for the art of coffee driven me to go on that 'journey' and drag along some friends to share the experience with.

The upcoming posts on this blog will feature third wave coffee shops that I (and some friends) visited a couple of months back, some reviews and basically share the story so you too could, perhaps sometime make a visit and try the experience yourself.

Watch out for my next entries!
- Nik

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