A Weekend Getaway

6:33 PM

The South has always been a haven for the Metro people like myself. Aside from it's very much near the cities of Manila, its untouched beauty despite modernization stayed the same over the years - or so what I see, for now.

Batangas, the land of the barakos where the well known and well loved locally produced coffee comes from; serves as one of the top summer destinations for those who cannot afford to go on leave from work for more than a week. A quick and short-stayed getaway to a quaint town will leave you wanting more.

Team buildings, outings and such does help in getting people together - literally and metaphorically; it's a very effective medium in promoting camaraderie, cooperation and developing that spirit of teamwork, which, in turn helps the company grow more.

So, to stray away from the business-ish tone of a post; last 18th and 19th of April, the Emerson Manila IT Resource Center drove south for a much needed weekend getaway; miles far from the city.

Our HR team as well as the events committee (myself included, partially) and of course the upper management did a pretty good job with this year's summer outing.

Club Balai Isabel served as our home; a very cozy, lovely place. An ideal choice to stay in during a short vacation.

We've had lots of games which I, honestly enjoyed. And the view, it was just breath-taking. And oh, don't get me started with how the party went.

Check out the photos after the jump:

With some of my teammates from Oscar Platoon during our first round of games

My colleagues x homies

The Majestic Taal Volcano

The Sun about to set

This architectural wonder; a quite and solemn chapel within the club


La Pieta x Perpetuo Soccorso

And what would this post be without a little (or maybe more than a little) photos of me!

My signature pose, as my friends have noticed.

Floral-ish shirt from Topman, Khaki Shorts from H&M, slip-ons from a store in Market! Market!
Shades: Monster (50-peso-ish) Bracelets from Boracay

Oh, this is nothing, I just conquered the island, no big deal. At all.
(Taal peeking behind me, looking like a hat)

The wonders, that is nature has, and will always keep me in awe. God has blessed the Filipino people with such beauty and we ought to take care of it, no matter what it takes. Indeed, it would be wonderful to travel across the globe, experience and witness the world outside our land; but wouldn't it be more fulfilling to see and enjoy what ours is to offer first?

The summer offers us the wonderful opportunity to explore our land: its hidden beauty, its people and the gift that is the Philippines. And I am very much up for that call to go out, see and live.

Our getaway might be extremely short, but it brought me thrill, excitement and joy that it left me wanting more.

Now who's up for another getaway? Count me in!

'Till my next entry!
- Nik

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