#ThirdWaveCoffee series: Commune

9:25 PM

It was during the last days of March when I posted about my recent interest in searching for third wave coffee shops around the Metro. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead and take a peek here.

It's funny how all these seem like a Harry Potter adventure; me, looking and hunting coffee shops as if they're horcruxes. Yeah, I know that wasn't really funny; my humor goes offline during the weekends.

So, to kick-off nikcoffee's #ThirdWaveCoffee series, I have invited a few friends for a morning coffee and breakfast at one of the loveliest coffee shops I have yet to visit. Just an hour past the store's opening, my best friend and a very close friend of mine tagged along in experiencing the environment and vibe of the shop indie folks are talking about, that is Commune.

Situated along the corners of H.V Dela Costa Ave. and Valero St., in the heart of Makati CBD lies Commune - a quaint little shop which serves quality food, coffee and wonderful experience - be it with your best friend, a large group of barkada, your partner or your family.

Commune \kə-myün\, as illustrated in one of the store's wall (which by the way was wonderfully drawn) basically means to communicate, as its root word. It can also be defined as a noun : a place where you have great coffee.

It was past 8 when I met my friends at the Ayala Triangle gardens, walked a couple of blocks along lots of chit-chats which made us quite busy, all the way to Commune. Luckily, we were the first customers for the day so we had the privilege to choose our seat and be entertained fast. So, we ordered our food and drinks and chat our way while munching our breakfast.

The store's interior was carefully planned and detailed; you would think such stores only exist in the movies or abroad, but since this is a #thirdwavecoffee and #artisanalcoffeeshop, the design was just fitting.

Check out the photos after the jump:

I mean, who wouldn't wand to engage in conversation in such a lovely place?
Don't have anything to talk about?
The interiors and art would definitely be a good starter.
I never skip breakfast whenever I go somewhere on early morning meetings, so I always stuff myself with heavy food which will keep me going throughout the day.
And of course, coffee.
S, my best-friend.
We started calling each other 'S' and 'B' since our friendship started with Gossip Girl.
And of course, a little selfie!
The 'Boom Kape!' piece was hard to ignore I just needed to have a photo with it.
Me after coffee x sandwich. Awake and fat. Lol!
 With my gals!

The overall experience was 4/5 for me.

The store definitely lives up to its name; my friends and I spent about 2 hours tops, enjoying good food, good company, lovely atmosphere, smart conversation and some.

Would I consider going back to this place? A big YES!

So if you're planning to visit Commune, make sure to tag along some friends and have taste of experience, that is Commune.

Check out the store's website for more information:

'Till my next entry!
- Nik

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